Teaching Duties

Spring 2019

This semester is my first sabbatical time after 10 years. Feels great! I'll be back in Fall 2019. I will be in town most of time but plan to spend two months (March+April) at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Past Courses (Course Management System was used when links are not available)

  1. MTH540/440/EAS621: Mathematical and Computational Consulting (F2017 ,F2018).
  2. EAS621/MTH599/MTH499: Scientific Computing Research Seminar (F2016).
  3. MTH574/474/MNE539: Numerical Optimization and Engineering Optimization (F2014,F2016,F2017,F2018).
  4. MTH573/473: Numerical Linear Algebra (F2015, S2014, S2017, S2018).
  5. MTH572/472: Numerical Methods for PDEs (S2018, S2016, S2015, F2013).
  6. EAS520: High Performance Scientific Computing (S2014, S2013).
  7. EAS501: Advanced Mathematical Methods (F2015).
  8. MTH499 Computational Mathematics Seminar (F2012, S2010, F2009, S2009).
  9. MTH463: Mathematical Modeling (S2012).
  10. MTH361: Numerical Analysis 1 (F2012).
  11. DSC301: Matrix Methods in Data Analysis (S2017).
  12. MTH280: Introduction to Scientific Programming (S2016).
  13. MTH213: Calculus for Applied Science and Engineering III (F2014, F2013, F2011).
  14. MTH212: Differential Equation (S2015, S2013, S2012, F2011).
  15. MTH211: Analytic Geometry and Calculus III (S2017).
  16. MTH112: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (S2010, S2009).
  17. MTH111: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (S2009, S2008).
  18. MTH101: Elements College Math I (S2008).

Fall 2010 - Spring 2011