EAS621, MTH599/499 and PHY495

Scientific Computing, Mathematics, and Physics Research Seminar

Professional Preparation Program

Fall 2016, UMass Dartmouth

This course will satisfy University Study 5-B (Learning through Engagement)

This will be a special and very innovative course. It is the centerpiece of UMassDartmouth's Professional Preparation Program for Math, Science, and Engineering students.

Although the course is organized around student projects, it is much more. The course will give students an experience much more like the technical workplace than the experience in most courses. It will also provide skills that are lacking in most STEM bachelor's recipients, deficiencies that have been pointed out by those who will be hiring these graduates. The following are some of , but not all of, the particular features of the course:

The nature of this course makes it impossible to specify a definitive set of prerequisites. What is more important is student attitude. Students must understand that what will be gained in this course is so valuable to their future that it justifies the work that will be required, and the discomfort of leaving their usual comfort zone. For that reason, students must be approved by a faculty member in order to register for the course.