Wave propagation kernels- Code for loading and implementing asymptotic waveform evaluation (moving the solution recorded in the near-zone into the far-field without solving the PDE) and radiation boundary conditions (outgoing conditions for “transparent boundaries”) within an existing time-domain numerical solver. Kernels are available for a variety of partial differential equations on both flat and curved background geometries.

gwsurrogate - Surrogates provide a fast and accurate evaluation mechanism for gravitational waveforms which would otherwise be found through solving differential equations. This python package contains surrogate data and an easy-to-use surrogate evaluation interface. The source code is hosted on Github and datasets on Zenodo (see DOI). Surrogate model catalogs are hosted here (SXS) and here (BHPTK) . You can easily install gwsurrogate through the Python Package Index or anaconda:

>>> pip install gwsurrogate 
>>> conda install -c conda-forge gwsurrogate

greedycpp - A fast, scalable and easy-to-use parallelization of the greedy algorithm for building application-specific basis, empirical interpolants and reduced order quadrature rules. Features include (i) Easy to interface with existing models, (ii) validate the approximation quality, (iii) find the empirical interpolation points using a fast algorithm (iv) parallelized for shared and distributed memory environments.

gwtools- A collection of useful functions and tools for working with gravitational waveform data. You can easily install gwtools through the Python Package Index:

>>> pip install gwtools