Random Links and code I've found useful

Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes

Relativistic fluid and gravitational physics code SpECTRE

Black hole perturbation toolkit

Quasi-normal modes of a spinning black hole

Rebound N-body solver


Hybrid and Easy Discontinuous Galerkin Environment

RIT waveform catalog

Davide Gerosa's list of useful Python code

2016 Argonne Training Program on Extreme Scale Computing

Kip Thorne's gravitational wave course

Links to Conferences and Workshops I helped organize

Workshop on Reduced Order Gravitational-Wave Modeling (2018)

Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes

An exciting 3 day workshop Advances and Challenges in Computational General Relativity was held at Brown University. Many of the talks and posters are available for download. (2011)

The 15th CAPRA meeting (2012) was held at UMD. Many of the talks are available here (and here )

The first workshop on Reduced Order Modeling in General Relativity (ROM-GR) was held at Caltech June 2013. The workshop brought together researchers from gravitation physics, numerical computing, and applied mathematics to foster interactions in an open environment of multi-disciplinary discussion and collaboration.