CSUMS Presentations


  1. CSUMS WS 03: Intro to Visual Python Summer 2013 V1(PDF)
  2. CSUMS WS 02: Getting Started Using Python Summer 2013 V2(PDF)
  3. CSUMS WS 01: Using MATLAB or Octave as a Calculator Summer 2013 (PDF)
  4. 3/12/2013 Visual Python Examples


    Fireworks Code (PDF)
    Fireworks Project: Code and Moon TGA-image (ZIP)
    Two-Body Problem Simulation Code (PDF)

  5. 2/07/2013 Python: Getting Started (PDF)
  6. 3/01/2012 IPython-Scipy Notebook Examples (PDF)
    3/01/2012 IPython-Scipy Notebook Examples (.py)
  7. CSUMS: A Sage Popourii (PDF)
    CSUMS: A Sage Popourii (ZIP of a Sage Worksheet)