UMass Dartmouth Software For Students, Faculty and Staff

  1. How to install Mathematica on your computer.
  2. How to access UMass Dartmouth's Virtual Computer Lab (VCL)

Open Source Software

  1. Octave (Open Source MATLAB Clone)
  2. FreeMat (Open Source MATLAB Clone)
  3. Sage (Computer Algebra System)
  4. Gnuplot (Print Quality 2D Plotting)
  5. TEMATH (2D Grapher & Numerical Solver)
  6. WinPlot (Windows Grapher)

Online Graphers

  1. Dfield and PPlane
  2. Sage Notebook
  3. z = f(x,y) Grapher
  4. Parametric 3D - Rectangular Coordinates
  5. Parametric 3D - Cylinderical Coordinates
  6. Parametric 3D - Spherical Coordinates

Equation-Scientific Document Editors

  1. TeX Users Group
  2. Mac TeX Users Group
  3. MikTeX Users Group (TeX for Windows)
  4. LyX (TeX Document Processor)
  5. TeXShop (Mac TeX Editor)
  6. TeXShop (Mac TeX Editor)
  7. TeXworks (Mac-Windows-Linux TeX Editor)
  8. LatexIt (Mac Tex/LaTex Widget)
  9. BibDesk (Mac Bibliography Manager)
  10. MathJaX (Browser Equation Display System)


Math Organizations

  1. The Mathematical Association of America
  2. The American Mathematical Society
  3. The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematicians
  4. The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges